Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poetry Marathon

I really enjoyed reading poetry, I just need to learn to slow down. First some pictures and then I'll write down the poetry I read today.

Here are a couple of pictures of me behind the podium. The drum was there to reflect a thunder sound in my poem about watching a thunderstorm. My sonnet was inspired by pictures my friend Jillian took and I held up the pictures as I read the poetry. Find all the pictures here.

Here are all the photos that inspired my sonnet that will follow the pictures.


Tree tops glisten as the sun shines down
Dark shadows never know the sun exists
Tangling branches cross the ravine and twist
Murky waters in the ravine flow down
Stickly lacy plant hangs down like a frown
Various shades of brown are snow white kissed
Blue skies above barren trees do insist
The sun shines and no clouds are to be found
I look back down at my tartan wellies
They complement the muddy leaves below
Walking through the cold woods i come to find
A rusty old car half buried in leaves
I near the end of my walk going slow
The twiggy sun like flower becomes mine



Waiting for the sun to rise
On a cool clear morning
Fishermen on the breakwater
Fishing up their stories

Electronic jazz beats
grooving through my headphones
Chilled pulsating rhythms
Moving through my soul

The clouds on fire above me
Lake Michigan is calm beneath me
A small plane makes new clouds
Adding to the beauty of the sky

The sun is rising now
Fishermen are still fishing their stories
And I'm in heaven
On a cool clear morning


*crash* (sound of thunder, represented by drum at reading)
I am sitting by the window
In dangerous fascination of the world outside






Wanting you

You not wanting me

But I want to make you happy

You don't know me, but I want you to give me a chance

You don't know that I am the peace found on a starry night and the happiness of a warm day

You are sunshine in a smile, beautiful eyes gleaming, great energy to light the world, a loving soul, warm as a summer day, I want you


Inspired by the Fibonacci poetry (the last two poems) I did a poem based on the number pi up to 10 decimal points 3.1415926536 where the 3 is the syllables of the title.


Water of my soul
Stirs my soul above
Sun, rain, thunder, lightening in me
I am
Earth, water, and the heavens
Forces move within me
Within me
I am all of nature


Hiking green forests
On beautiful hilly trails
Talking with my friends


This haiku has a picture with it. It was taken from my office cubicle.

She walks through this space
For a moment our eyes meet
She walks out of view


  1. You don't know that I am the peace found on a starry night and the happiness of a warm day. <-- I love that line.

    I wish I had the guts to read in public! *virtual applause*

  2. I don't see why not. If I can find the guts (and I am VERY self conscious), anyone can.

    You will have to excuse me while I play around with templates and colors, I'll need to see what I have on my other blog. :P

  3. I think you are a lot less self conscious than you think you are. I don't think I could even sign up for something like this...more less follow through with it.

    Great Job!

  4. Thank you. I think what pushes me through is that I am tired of being a homebody and not being out there doing what I want inside. If my life was all work and home (which it has been)I feel like I'm not really living it. It does take courage to go up there. The bookstore is also a very positive and supportive place too.

    Nicole, I hope some Friday night you can go to an open mic poetry reading with me (you don't have to go up, just watch). Their open mic is followed by professional poets. I love it.

  5. Beautiful! :D

    Also, I've listed your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award! You can see the list here: :D